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Florent Courty - Digital Landscape Photographer

Florent Courty: In his own words

try to find the rarest moments in what Nature can provide me. My work isn't heavily altered or fake. Instead, my work truly reflects a moment or a very small frame in time that impresses upon me that I must capture its beauty so it can be shared with others.

Our magical world offers simpler shadows that most photographers will capture, but the images I am most proud of and constantly in pursuit of are often the photos I have captured after waiting hours, days, weeks, or quite possibly over a month to experience and capture. A sunset that not only ignites my passion but speaks to me of the rarity of such an experience is my way of communicating the beauty our world has to offer with all of you.

I hope you enjoy my collection of nature’s beauty and will share it with others. If you are a fan I thank you, if you feel differently please share your thoughts about my images and we can discuss them openly. Either way I hope you enjoy this web site. Come back often as I am always out looking for that next image that will blow your socks off!

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